June 8, 2008

Introduction to the Blog

Hey everyone!

As I start this blog, I wanted to make sure to give a quick overview on its purpose, as well as how it will be laid out. I would be interested in any input that you'd be willing to provide on my posts, as well as any ideas for future posts (and guest bloggers as well...)

The purpose of the blog is to provide my insights and experiences in my association work to my readers. I am a mid-level Association staffer, and think there is insight that I have gained from which others in my position would benefit.

My blog's posts will include the situations that I experience, thoughts on how I would handle similar situations that I have encountered, as well as something I call Discussion Details that I gain from my experiences that are the main takeaways from the posts. I will also share stories that I find online that are relevant to either Association professionals or ares in which Associations need to look as they move forward.

As I begin my posting, I encourage you to comment about what you like and dislike, thoughts on whether I am way off or right on target, and ideas on future posts.

Thanks for reading!

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