June 8, 2008

#1: Time Management and Work/Life Balance

As a mid-level Association staffer, I have a great deal of obligations to my organization work-wise. I lead our communication efforts, and also have responsibility for member recognition and loyalty programming. I have also just accepted two volunteer appointments with professional development organizations, which are likely to take up a great deal of time.

In addition to all of this, I recently was married, which also puts a new spin on my priorities. My new wife is expecting me to make as much time for her as possible - something I also desperately want to do.

Likely, many of you are in the same boat in your careers - a great deal of job responsibility with a desire to make a name for yourself and move your career forward. How have you been able to manage your time to make yourself not only a valuable employee but also a valuable volunteer?

Recently, in a conversation I had with one of my association's members who is a Fortune 500 CEO, he laughed at the notion of work/life balance. He essentially told me that if you want a work/life balance, you will never get to the top levels of the corporate ladder.

However, we don't work in the corporate world. We chose to work in the non-profit/association world, and I want to have a good work/life balance. I believe I can get that through my job and volunteerism, but it will take some work.

What are some of the ways that you have been able to achieve an effective balance with your career, your professional development obligations, and your family? My thought is that through your comments, we can all benefit!

Discussion Details

  • Do you have an effective way to handle your work/life balance?
  • How are you trying to develop your career, while also making sure to be effective in your paying job?
  • In my experience, involvement is key. Being involved and showing your experience to more people than just those in your organization is a GREAT way to enhance yourself for a future job.
  • Creating work/life balance may be difficult for those in the corporate world, but for those of us in Associations, we can do it if we just choose to!

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