June 9, 2008

#3: Utilizing Technology and Outside Vendors

How is your association utilizing technology to its benefit?

It seems as though that is a big question right now, and one that we're trying to wrap our arms around as we move forward. I have been transformed in my thinking recently in going through a strategy session with an outside vendor that we NEED to be utilizing technology more effectively than we are currently, and that just utilizing technology for the sake of it doesn't really accomplish anything.

As an aside, I have really also come to realize that while I have a lot of core competencies, knowing how to effectively leverage technology and web applications probably isn't one right now. However, as my boss pointed out, we are a membership organization, and we do that pretty well. We're not a communication shop. There are companies out there that are, and we need to be utilizing their expertise in that area to help us move forward...

I have also found that using technology is easy - using it correctly to get the most out of it, isn't always... My eyes were open wide as my boss and I were walked through a session on how the usage of such platforms as Twitter can really be effective in helping us communicate to our audience what we're trying to on a regular basis. I never would have thought to use it in the way that it was proposed, and I think it will be very beneficial to us to utilize it.

So, as I move forward, and hope as you do as well, I'm going to be thinking about how to leverage different pieces of technology effectively as opposed to just utilizing technology for the sake of it.

Discussion Details:

  • Using technology is easy - using it correctly is not.
  • Learning to use some of these new technologies can really enhance your communication areas.
  • Sometimes, asking people who are experts in certain areas to lead you through the process is the way to go - you can't know everything, and you aren't supposed to!

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