June 18, 2008

#8: Association Foum of Chicagoland Annual Meeting

I attended the Association Forum of Chicagoland's Annual Meeting yesterday, and it was a really great event. Hearing the outstanding keynotes, as well as receiving the knowledge that was shared in the breakout sessions, I feel a great deal more enthused and excited to continue in making change at my organization.

A quick note to those of you who have not heard Martha Rogers speak - try your best to hear her! The information that she shared in changing the way your are looking at the value of your members/customers was really outstanding to hear, and information that I have not gleaned from other speakers in the past. The fact that your members/customers are the MOST VALUABLE thing your association produces is a very simple concept, but one I hadn't really thought about in the same way that it was relayed to us in the closing session. It's not your products, your programming, it's not your publications - it's your members!

Rogers also really pushed the fact that we as association professionals cannot underestimate the fact that we need to give our members/customers what they want, when they want it, to truly market to them effectively. The way she put it - interact, remember, respond. We need to have a good institutional memory, and when they tell us XX is what they want, we need to provide it to them.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who made the day possible, and if you are an association professional, you should seriously take a look at this meeting when planning your professional development for next year!

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