June 10, 2008

# 4: High Profile Members

As I worked today, I realized that we have really had good relationships with many of our highest profile members. As I thought about why, I came to a conclusion that it is because we have great member loyalty. For the most part, our members have a great affinity toward our organization.

In addition, I feel strongly that we have been able to maintain these relationships by asking members to be involved and engaged in educating other members on their positions. Since 2006, we have been doing online alumni spotlights of our most distinguished members to show them off to our other members. This has been a great help in educating our other members on leadership and how to get to the top.

Our approach in going to these members for their insight is letting them know that we are trying to promote them to our other members, and letting them know that they have a story to tell. They are generally very interested in allowing us to tell their story. This is a great thing, and hopefully something you can take back to your own organizations.

What are you doing to enhance your relationships with your most established and accomplished members?

Discussion Details:
  • Accomplished members are likely to be engaged in an organization they have a great ffinity toward.
  • Appraoching these members in a way that allows them to know that you are promoting their story is a great way to do it.
  • Asking them to share the insights they have gained throughout their career to help other members is a great way to get them interested!
  • Approaching them at a good time of their year is important (i.e. if a football coach, during summer is the best time, etc.)

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