June 8, 2008

#2 - Thinking Outside Associations...

Is it just me, or do we as association professionals sometimes either get caught up in our own work or in our own industry, and not really look outside of it for good ideas and innovation?

I see it in my experience with my own organization working for the national headquarters of a men's general fraternity. I find myself often comparing what we are doing with others in our own genre and industry, and although that is necessary to gauge our niche within our industry, I think we get caught up doing it too often at the expense of innovation that is happening outside of our industry. Does anyone else feel this way in your organizations?

Innovation and change only come from people who are willing to make change happen. I have learned that by staying insulated in my own organization and industry doesn't help me innovate, and thus I have tried to improve my chances of innovating successfully by checking out those who do it for a living like those who are in the feeds on the right hand side of the screen.

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