July 7, 2008

#11: Social Media

I'll tell you - social media is all the rage these days. If you aren't looking into it for some reason, you'd better get on the bandwagon so you aren't left in the dust when all of the other sites in the world are offering RSS feeds, blogs & vlogs, podcasting, etc. I've read a number of stories in magazines about Gen Y, and how they're different from those of us in Gen X and the Boomer years... That chasm will only grow wider if you don't embrace social media NOW, and begin learning what it takes to get your message out in the Web 2.0 world.

Check out a few suggested blogs I read in my Google Reader (it's a free RSS aggregator for those of you who don't know) each day. They all offer great information on social media.

  • For an awesome blog devoted entirely to social media, check out the Diary of a Reluctant Blogger blog. This blog offers a great deal of excellent pieces of advice and information relating to social media and its uses for associations these days. Her most recent blog, a primer for those who don't know much about social media (like me) on RSS feeds was great.
  • In addition, check out the guys over at the Principled Innovation blog. They also talk a lot about innovation and social media. One of their principals even has his own blog that talks often about social media called Certified Association Executive.
  • One more that you should check out for the latest on technology as a whole - Robert Scoble's Scobleizer blog. Robert is a columnist for Fast Company magazine, and has a great deal of outstanding insights into technology as a whole...
So, as I sit here and tell you about what's in my Google Reader on a daily basis, I hope you'll check out some of these blogs to bone up on your social media savvy... It's only a matter of time before social media booms, and you're left in the dust not knowing what it's all about!


Ben Martin, CAE said...

Welcome to the conversation, Bruce. I'm looking forward to reading more of you.

Maddie Grant said...

Thank you for the link love! And as a young association professional, I hope you'll join YAP and join the discussion there and/or come along to our YAPpy hours - would be great to meet you!